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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The New Human Need- Thrive or Survive?

We all need a number of things, as human beings, to survive. But what about the things we need in order to thrive? Thriving is different than surviving.

According to the Microsoft Word Dictionary, Thrive is defined as:

1. Grow well: to grow vigorously and healthily
2. Do well: to be successful and often profitable

I think it's safe to say that we all know what it means to Survive. But, here is the definition (again, from Microsoft Word Dictionary):

1. To remain alive or in existence or able to live or function, especially succeed in staying alive when faced with a life-threatening danger.

Do you want to Thrive or Survive? I truly think we all get the choice. We are faced with decisions at every single moment, of every single day, and we make choices. We choose to do the dishes or not do them. We choose to get up, or to stay sitting. And on and on and on...

We need only to ask ourselves what we want to do: Thrive or Survive? And then, what do those things mean to you? I am still trying to figure out what these things mean to me. I have been living in "Survival Mode", or something that has felt like that, for a long time.

I am not homeless, nor am I without food. I am not without water, although often I let myself go thirsty. I am making choices, and I am only now realizing that the choices I am making are determining whether I am moving forward, or allowing myself to merely sustain my existence.

More to come on this as I delve deeper into my semi-consciousness.

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