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Friday, September 28, 2012

Can't Afford Health?

It's often that I encounter someone making reference to their ill-health. Today an acquaintance told me that he hadn't been having good digestion for a long time. I suggested that he try one of the health products I distribute, since it's designed specifically for improved digestion.

The first question he asked was "how much does it cost?"

I understand that price is a factor for a lot of people- I'm not going to argue that point. Price is a part of how people make purchasing decisions. That's fair. When I said the price was $45 plus shipping, he rapidly raised his eyebrows and said he couldn't afford that.

What exactly can't he afford? I was able to provide him better digestion through all-natural means. Do you know how often he goes out for lunch and dinner in the same day? At minimum he eats out for lunch and dinner 6 days/week. That's 48 times each month. If he's spending $20/day (that's probably a conservative figure) then he's spending over $480 in meals-out each month.

He's not digesting his food properly, like many people, and he's chosen to mildly suffer through it every day because he thinks he can't afford to be healthy.

I don't eat a completely natural diet. I have not completely stopped eating burgers and fries, although I try my best to make healthy choices because my whole life feels better when my body feels healthy; digestion included.

What I do: I supplement my diet every single day with things that help my body do its best work. The Organic-Based Nutrition supplements I use are well worth your while to investigate.

If you know people looking for better digestive health, I can help them find solutions. Please take a moment and share this article with the people in your life. Everyone can benefit from better digestive health and these products are the best quality I've found.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Calming Effect of Magnets

I'm continuously mesmerized by the calming effect of the magnets I've been wearing lately. For the past 2 months I've worn this Magnetic Necklace around my neck and even though I still don't completely understand how the magnets work, I am calmed by them and I'm noticing that I'm breathing better: I'm taking more deep breaths whereas I wasn't before.

I've also had zero headaches, when before I was having headaches every second day. I'm not certain why magnets seem to work so well for tension relief, but I'm tickled and pleased by the effects. Check out my blog post on How I Stop Migraines.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Inactivity and Illness


I came to a realization today that when our minds are focused on the next action steps which will bring us closer to accomplishing our goals, our bodies are going to be uncomfortable if we are not taking those actions.

I was laying down with my son, enjoying a moment with him before a rest, and then I thought about the next thing I could do to build my business. As I lay there contemplating the vision, my body wanted to take flight and DO something about it. But I stopped my body: I continued to lay down so that I could enjoy a longer moment with my son. That's when I noticed it- the sensation of discomfort in the core of my abdomen.

My body was ready to get up and take action because my mind had visualized what my body was going to do next. Because I stopped my body from doing the action that I had prepared for, my body became irritable.

This makes me wonder: can malady of the body stem from a disconnect between the dreams of the mind and the willingness to allow the body to take action? That makes sense to me. What do you think?

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

How I Stop Migraine Headaches

For the past 2 solid years I have experienced bad head and neck pain. I attributed the pain to the stresses of being a mother, to attending post-secondary, and to relationship-related triggers. The headaches became more and more frequent, turning into migraines that would put me to bed during the daytime. I suppose you could say they were 'debilitating' in the sense that I truly could not function when the migraines were at their worst.

I would take ibuprofen almost daily, and I hated it. I absolutely detested taking medication because I knew that there must be something more natural that I just hadn't tried yet; but I felt that I had tried everything. I know the toll that medication can take on the body, over the long term. So what now?

My dear friend who has been working with health technologies for the past 15 years gave me a couple of her products, and I used them. I was skeptical, but what she gave me was working. I don't know if she realizes how much she helped me, but I haven't had a headache since that day when I used her products instead of grabbing another ibuprofen (2 months ago now).

Due to my (unbelievable-to-me) success, I set myself up as a distributor of the products.

I can't make medical claims, so that's not what I'm doing.  This is just what I find works very well for me:

I wear a Powerband necklace all day.
I drink PiMag water all day.
I add JadeGreenzymes to my water 3x/day.
If I feel any sort of tension creeping up my back, I use the CM Complex cream

Years ago I had heard of the effects magnets had the body, but I never really believed they could do anything for me. I'm a believer now.

Again, I am not allowed to make medical claims. I am not a doctor. I am a mother, and I believe in natural health.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Cancer Research- What's Important?

Is it possible to write a blog post about an important issue without offending someone? I realize it's not my job to please everyone, but if I can avoid offending people, it's probably a good thing.

My truth wants to make it's way onto this blog post, but my brain is saying "No no no, people will cry out! There will be rebellion! There will be backlash! You will be hated!" It's pretty harsh- the things the brain says. That's the Altered Ego, correct?

It's not really fair for me to push away the part of me that wants to speak out. And everyone has a choice as to whether or not they want to read my blog. I guess this is a forewarning of what is to come next.

Here's what initiated my sense of frustration, and then my sense of purpose: The Terry Fox Run pledge paper from my Kindergarten son's elementary school.

I know...What's wrong with a Terry Fox Run pledge paper? Nothing. Nothing is wrong with it. Although, in the same breath, something is wrong with our system if our community schools are raising money for cancer research and not putting it toward our own community's health optimization.

My burning question is: as we are spending more and more time and money on researching cancer, why are we, as a society, becoming more and more cancerous? It seems, too much so, that cancer research is a good way to make money from people who care about other people and don't know what to do with their money or who like to walk long distances wearing all one color. I'm not making fun- many people I know have died of cancer, and many people I know are making choices that will send them in the direction of cancer very soon.

I have a burning desire to create healthful conditions for our children to grow up in. If children LIVE healthy lives, then as adults they will be healthy- it just makes sense. I don't donate to cancer research. I don't do this because it doesn't make sense. It doesn't make sense to give dollars and time to a dying cause instead of giving it to the health of our children.

I'm curious to know if you see the importance of children's health, and if you agree with me that the money we put into cancer research could be better put into health optimization instead of disease research. Post a comment below and let's start a discussion. I won't fight with you, but a heated debate can be fun, yes?

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