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Saturday, September 15, 2012

How I Stop Migraine Headaches

For the past 2 solid years I have experienced bad head and neck pain. I attributed the pain to the stresses of being a mother, to attending post-secondary, and to relationship-related triggers. The headaches became more and more frequent, turning into migraines that would put me to bed during the daytime. I suppose you could say they were 'debilitating' in the sense that I truly could not function when the migraines were at their worst.

I would take ibuprofen almost daily, and I hated it. I absolutely detested taking medication because I knew that there must be something more natural that I just hadn't tried yet; but I felt that I had tried everything. I know the toll that medication can take on the body, over the long term. So what now?

My dear friend who has been working with health technologies for the past 15 years gave me a couple of her products, and I used them. I was skeptical, but what she gave me was working. I don't know if she realizes how much she helped me, but I haven't had a headache since that day when I used her products instead of grabbing another ibuprofen (2 months ago now).

Due to my (unbelievable-to-me) success, I set myself up as a distributor of the products.

I can't make medical claims, so that's not what I'm doing.  This is just what I find works very well for me:

I wear a Powerband necklace all day.
I drink PiMag water all day.
I add JadeGreenzymes to my water 3x/day.
If I feel any sort of tension creeping up my back, I use the CM Complex cream

Years ago I had heard of the effects magnets had the body, but I never really believed they could do anything for me. I'm a believer now.

Again, I am not allowed to make medical claims. I am not a doctor. I am a mother, and I believe in natural health.

Buy these products for yourself at www.NadineStaaf.com

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