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Friday, September 28, 2012

Can't Afford Health?

It's often that I encounter someone making reference to their ill-health. Today an acquaintance told me that he hadn't been having good digestion for a long time. I suggested that he try one of the health products I distribute, since it's designed specifically for improved digestion.

The first question he asked was "how much does it cost?"

I understand that price is a factor for a lot of people- I'm not going to argue that point. Price is a part of how people make purchasing decisions. That's fair. When I said the price was $45 plus shipping, he rapidly raised his eyebrows and said he couldn't afford that.

What exactly can't he afford? I was able to provide him better digestion through all-natural means. Do you know how often he goes out for lunch and dinner in the same day? At minimum he eats out for lunch and dinner 6 days/week. That's 48 times each month. If he's spending $20/day (that's probably a conservative figure) then he's spending over $480 in meals-out each month.

He's not digesting his food properly, like many people, and he's chosen to mildly suffer through it every day because he thinks he can't afford to be healthy.

I don't eat a completely natural diet. I have not completely stopped eating burgers and fries, although I try my best to make healthy choices because my whole life feels better when my body feels healthy; digestion included.

What I do: I supplement my diet every single day with things that help my body do its best work. The Organic-Based Nutrition supplements I use are well worth your while to investigate.

If you know people looking for better digestive health, I can help them find solutions. Please take a moment and share this article with the people in your life. Everyone can benefit from better digestive health and these products are the best quality I've found.

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