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Monday, September 10, 2012

Cancer Research- What's Important?

Is it possible to write a blog post about an important issue without offending someone? I realize it's not my job to please everyone, but if I can avoid offending people, it's probably a good thing.

My truth wants to make it's way onto this blog post, but my brain is saying "No no no, people will cry out! There will be rebellion! There will be backlash! You will be hated!" It's pretty harsh- the things the brain says. That's the Altered Ego, correct?

It's not really fair for me to push away the part of me that wants to speak out. And everyone has a choice as to whether or not they want to read my blog. I guess this is a forewarning of what is to come next.

Here's what initiated my sense of frustration, and then my sense of purpose: The Terry Fox Run pledge paper from my Kindergarten son's elementary school.

I know...What's wrong with a Terry Fox Run pledge paper? Nothing. Nothing is wrong with it. Although, in the same breath, something is wrong with our system if our community schools are raising money for cancer research and not putting it toward our own community's health optimization.

My burning question is: as we are spending more and more time and money on researching cancer, why are we, as a society, becoming more and more cancerous? It seems, too much so, that cancer research is a good way to make money from people who care about other people and don't know what to do with their money or who like to walk long distances wearing all one color. I'm not making fun- many people I know have died of cancer, and many people I know are making choices that will send them in the direction of cancer very soon.

I have a burning desire to create healthful conditions for our children to grow up in. If children LIVE healthy lives, then as adults they will be healthy- it just makes sense. I don't donate to cancer research. I don't do this because it doesn't make sense. It doesn't make sense to give dollars and time to a dying cause instead of giving it to the health of our children.

I'm curious to know if you see the importance of children's health, and if you agree with me that the money we put into cancer research could be better put into health optimization instead of disease research. Post a comment below and let's start a discussion. I won't fight with you, but a heated debate can be fun, yes?

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  1. Another great post Nadine. I agree with you. I don't donate to cancer research either. Law of Attraction says that what you think about and put energy into is what you create. I have no desire to create more cancer. Second, the foundations that collect the donated funds have highly paid CEOs and other management positions like other large companies. If they were to actually cure their cause then they would go out of business, so they have a conflict of interest. If they do what they say they want to do then they have to give up their cushy jobs and salaries.

  2. Thank you for commenting, Wayne. You've made interesting points: I hadn't thought of the fact that financial interests are involved to such a large scale. What interests me specifically is how much good can be done with the amount of money raised locally, and how instead of being put toward Cancer Research, that money could be put toward a healthy lunch program for our children. I think I will need to start this conversation at the next Parent Advisory Council meeting. Thanks again for responding!


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