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Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Thoughts for You!

We are what we predominantly think about. Print out and then cut out these affirmations, strategically place them throughout your home, and as you read them throughout the day, the words will begin to impression themselves upon your subconscious.

You will, over time and through repetition, begin to find yourself thinking these thoughts naturally. It takes courage to know that you’re in control of your life. These thoughts will help build the foundation for a thought pattern that will benefit your life in an almost magical way.

I know that my predominant thought will become my circumstance.

I am the one who chooses my thoughts.

My attitude shapes my reality: I choose my attitude.

I find peace easily and quickly.

I am grateful for all I have and for all I am.

I am always moving forward.

I am successful in all areas of my life.

I am a phenomenal human being who attracts other bright, shining, enthusiastic people.

My life gets better and better every day.

I attract really good life circumstances.

I am vital, energetic, and strong.

I choose health.
I choose wealth.
I choose happiness.

I reach the goals I set with purpose.

I am a strong and competent human being.

I make the world a better place by being in it.

I choose confidence, peace, and clarity.

I easily generate wealth and have so much to share with the world and with people.

I choose to create harmony in my home and in my body.

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