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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Getting Back to Feeling Good

How do you get back to feeling good? Do you just let it happen? Do you wallow in the bad-feeling place until eventually you find yourself out of it, or do you purposefully get out of feeling bad and get back into feeling good?

I'm struggling in my Accounting class right now. It's the first class in nearly two years that I've really struggled. The last class I was really challenged with was Finite Math. The teacher had explained that doing Finite Math was not necessary anymore because now we have computers, and we would be covering everything that mathematicians had discovered over about 100 years.

I probably should have dropped the course, but 'dropping a course' is not a term that is part of my vocabulary. So, I struggled. I felt defeated for about 4 months and came out with a just-passing mark: not my proudest moment, but I suppose it was a success because I pushed through it...That's how that works, right? Still figuring that part out...

Now, I am in Accounting. I know I can do it, but yesterday I did not feel I could do it. I felt bad. I cried in front of my teacher and in front of one of my peers. I know that it's a 1st-world problem and because of that I feel like it's a real shame that I'm allowing myself to cry. What about the people who are starving in the world? Is my accounting credential helping with that?

After class, I got home, and I needed to cheer up for my own sake and for the sake of my family, so I figured out a way to get over my self-defeating mindset by going on facebook and writing loving messages on the walls of my family members. They all deserve it, and I love to do it. Opening up some space for people to feel loved is what inflates my happiness level. Do you do things that bring cheer back into your moment?

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