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Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Thoughts for You!

We are what we predominantly think about. Print out and then cut out these affirmations, strategically place them throughout your home, and as you read them throughout the day, the words will begin to impression themselves upon your subconscious.

You will, over time and through repetition, begin to find yourself thinking these thoughts naturally. It takes courage to know that you’re in control of your life. These thoughts will help build the foundation for a thought pattern that will benefit your life in an almost magical way.

I know that my predominant thought will become my circumstance.

I am the one who chooses my thoughts.

My attitude shapes my reality: I choose my attitude.

I find peace easily and quickly.

I am grateful for all I have and for all I am.

I am always moving forward.

I am successful in all areas of my life.

I am a phenomenal human being who attracts other bright, shining, enthusiastic people.

My life gets better and better every day.

I attract really good life circumstances.

I am vital, energetic, and strong.

I choose health.
I choose wealth.
I choose happiness.

I reach the goals I set with purpose.

I am a strong and competent human being.

I make the world a better place by being in it.

I choose confidence, peace, and clarity.

I easily generate wealth and have so much to share with the world and with people.

I choose to create harmony in my home and in my body.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

You Can Fail Successfully

It’s okay to fail- and I never thought I’d hear myself say that. It’s okay to fail.

I have read time and time again that in order to be successful, one must not fear failure. You’ve probably heard too that it takes failure to reveal success. It makes sense. I mean, along with all things comes their polar opposite. You can’t have day without night, cold without hot, and successes without failures.

Two years ago, I took a math class that changed my life. I worked long hours trying to understand; I spent countless days with headache pains. For what, I wonder? The Math Lab tutor explained to me that once I understood the concepts, my mind would change, and life would change as I knew it. Shortly after I had my final exam, I ended up being prescribed three different medications relating to stress, all of which helped at the time but that I have successfully weaned myself from.

I aim to do really well in school- it means something to me to do well at school. A scholarship is within my reach, most semesters, but tonight I wrote my Accounting exam and I failed it with definite purpose. I made a choice to put my life in my own hands and to allow myself to experience purposeful failure. It was a significant milestone for me because I have never before believed that it’s okay to fail in order to truly succeed. I've never let myself fail.

You may be asking how I am getting to the conclusion that I am better off now because of my decision to fail. There are a number of variables at play, and this is a blog. If I wrote all the variables out, you would be reading for days. Touch base with me though, if you are struggling with your own fear of failure, and perhaps I will be able to help you.

Please don't get me wrong; I didn't "just give up." I chose to fail, knowing that I was growing because of it; knowing that I made the choice consciously and that I broke through the fear of failure because of it.

On the road that leads from my school, there is a sign that reads "I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed." -Michael Jordan.  Failure is a natural step in getting to where you want to be. Failure makes you more capable of succeeding, and now I know that for sure.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Getting Back to Feeling Good

How do you get back to feeling good? Do you just let it happen? Do you wallow in the bad-feeling place until eventually you find yourself out of it, or do you purposefully get out of feeling bad and get back into feeling good?

I'm struggling in my Accounting class right now. It's the first class in nearly two years that I've really struggled. The last class I was really challenged with was Finite Math. The teacher had explained that doing Finite Math was not necessary anymore because now we have computers, and we would be covering everything that mathematicians had discovered over about 100 years.

I probably should have dropped the course, but 'dropping a course' is not a term that is part of my vocabulary. So, I struggled. I felt defeated for about 4 months and came out with a just-passing mark: not my proudest moment, but I suppose it was a success because I pushed through it...That's how that works, right? Still figuring that part out...

Now, I am in Accounting. I know I can do it, but yesterday I did not feel I could do it. I felt bad. I cried in front of my teacher and in front of one of my peers. I know that it's a 1st-world problem and because of that I feel like it's a real shame that I'm allowing myself to cry. What about the people who are starving in the world? Is my accounting credential helping with that?

After class, I got home, and I needed to cheer up for my own sake and for the sake of my family, so I figured out a way to get over my self-defeating mindset by going on facebook and writing loving messages on the walls of my family members. They all deserve it, and I love to do it. Opening up some space for people to feel loved is what inflates my happiness level. Do you do things that bring cheer back into your moment?

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Monday, August 6, 2012

We Are The Ones Who Choose

Dear Readers,

I woke up this morning, bright and early, to listen to a call that I chime into every Monday morning. It's a book study of sorts, surrounding the book "University of Success" by Og Mandino. 

The call inspired me to think a lot about what a good friend of mine wisely told me the other day. She said, "just take one step forward, and then choose. Then take one step forward, and then choose." Keep repeating this process, and you'll be where you want to be.

It sounds simple, and I think it really can be simple. Although, for people who are just starting to understand that they are the ones in control of their destiny, this process can sound far-fetched and even scary!

What I understand about getting from where we are, and moving to where we want to be, is that it's all about making small choices in every moment that move us in the direction of where we want to be.

Here's an itty bitty example. I'm hungry (it's true, I am). I weigh 145 lbs. I want to weigh 135 lbs. I know where I am, and it's not in the same place I want to be. I know where I want to be, but it's not the same place as I am right now. Now here's the whole point of this blog post:

NOW I GET TO MAKE MY CHOICE! Am I going to choose a snack that will move me closer to where I want to be (135 lbs), or am I going to choose a snack that will keep me where I am (145 lbs)? Worst case scenario, I choose a snack that moves me even further behind (like a gigantic milk chocolate bar- not to tempt you), but I am not even keeping that open as an option because I would eat it, feel good for a moment, and then feel farther from where I want to be.

Will I choose bread and butter, or avacado and rice crackers? It's MY choice. This is what it's all about. We live in a free world for a reason. Let's use CHOICE to our advantage and move ourselves into places where we actually want to be, rather than living simply through habit.

I don't know who is reading my blog, but I know that you're starting to get to know me by reading what I have to say. If you think you and I would work well together, you  may want to write a comment or send an email as I am about to start looking for like-minded people to do business with :)

Thanks & have a great time CHOOSING to have a great day!


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