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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Is This a Growth Opportunity?

It's sometimes really easy to see the bright side of a situation, but other times I really need to reach out to a friend, or to my mother-dearest, to see the silver lining of a seemingly crappy scenario. When you're faced with an awful circumstance, do you tend to see that no matter how terrible it may appear, it's presenting itself as an opportunity for your own personal growth?

I think it probably annoys my friends when I speak my truth: I can empathize with their hardship, but once I've empathized the most I can, I explain to my friend how their situation is actually benefiting them. Maybe my timing is all wrong because a lot of the time I get that look of "you've got to be kidding me?" 

But, it's true, right! When adversity strikes, the opportunities abound- that's when our options expand and we begin to see our freedom of choice. If one morning there is no cheese for our cheese omelet, then we have to choose to go plain or spice it up with something that might turn out to be our new favorite omelet ingredient!

If you run out of cheese, next time, see the opportunity for growth in all your new choices :)

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