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Friday, October 12, 2012

Do you Judge Your Writing?

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I always feel better when I'm writing; while I'm writing life feels easier. Does this mean that writing is my "gift"? I'm not going to say that grammar is my gift. Ha! Although I do indeed enjoy grammatical correctness. I feel pleased when I see a perfectly formed sentence, but I am not knowledgeable enough about grammar to know if I am forming sentences perfectly or not. I graduated high school with awards (I was awarded for my perfectionism perhaps), and I have 3 years of post-secondary education...What gives? Should I not have the English language mastered by now? 

Okay, I realize after that paragraph that I do not feel quite as good about writing when I am analyzing my grammar as I do when I'm not analyzing. So, maybe I will simply write and hope that I am forgiven for any and every mistake. I think it's quite possible that other people are far less critical of my grammar than I am of my own. In conclusion, writing may or may not be my gift, but if you are reading this because you're a writer and you struggle with writing for the same reason I do, then I hope you keep writing no matter how likely you are to judge your own work because your writing is probably really awesome!

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