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Monday, February 27, 2012

Do you Talk to Yourself?

I don't think this idea is revolutionary- and that in itself may be part of the problem.

While I was on the phone with my mother yesterday (most often when I have my grand epiphanies), we began discussing self-talk.

The way we talk to other people is not the same way we talk to ourselves, correct?
Or, is that only correct for a few people?

I asked my husband, "you know how you congratulate other people; our son, or the kids you coached...Do you congratulate yourself like that when you accomplish something worthwhile to you?"

He said, "no."

Okay, so that's 2 people out of the world's population who doesn't say, "good job Self! Well done out there today! You're working hard and you should be really proud of yourself. I know you will keep working hard and you will do even better the next time. Way to go champ!!"

Are you proud of you? I'm curious how many people actually do this kind of self-talk. Would love some response!

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