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Monday, February 27, 2012

One and One Doesn't Equal Two

 “One and one does not always equal two.”

I think this statement is true of most things in life. Our perceptions tell us so little of a situation. We may think of multiple reasons for the way that something is, and it is very likely that none of our reasons resemble the truth whatsoever. Human brains are good guessing machines, but the truth does not seem to lay in what it is that we are seeing.

In the case of a couple conceiving a zygote, one mother plus one father equals three family members. One plus one, in this situation, does not equal two; it equals three. In cell generation, one cell, as it splits, equals infinite cells over a short period of time. One plus one almost never equals two, and almost always equals an infinite number, over a period of time.

Peculiar life is in how it cannot be grasped fully as one thing, how it passes through our ears and our fingers, past our eyes, and our bodies, and left are we with what? It is fleeting and yet it appears to be so real. For some people it is so very physical, and for some it is mind. 

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