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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Secret Starbucks Deal- Exciting!

You don't have to be rich to go to Starbucks every single day. You just have to make it work for you. I've calculated that (including taxes) you can drink brewed coffee at Starbucks for less than $1.07 each day. I've based the numbers on drinking there 5 days per week, for 52 weeks of the year, and I've used Canadian dollars.

If you're someone who is out and about as much as I am, or more, then this cost-savings will please you. Depending on what you order normally, this calculation could save you more than what I've calculated below, but what I've calculated are some pretty amazing figures.

  1. The first trick is to load up a Starbucks card and register it at Starbucks. Once your card is registered, you will earn one star for every transaction that you make at Starbucks. Stipulation: if you buy more than one coffee in a single transaction, then it still only counts as one star earned.
  2. Here's what you order every time you go to Starbucks:

A Short brewed coffee in a Tall cup
with 2 pumps of Hazelnut (or other delicious flavor included when you use your registered card)
Top it off with steamed Soy (also free with registered card), or if you don't like Soy, then just leave the space and add your own cream afterward (cream is free; not like at home when you have to buy it).

Normally, this drink would get you to close to $3.00. But with the registered card, it comes to $1.74 (taxes included). Because you registered your card, you've just earned yourself a star. Once you get to 15 stars, Starbucks mails you a Free Drink Certificate (for a drink of your choosing- doesn't need to be a brewed coffee).

If you don't register your card, and you buy a Short coffee Monday-Friday, for 52 weeks of the year, you will be paying Starbucks $452.40. Obviously that number is increasing depending on your drink choice. Quadruple it if you buy lattes. (Wow, some people spend $2000.00 at Starbucks in a year?)

By registering your card, ordering this drink, and making use of your Free Drink Certificates, you will only be spending $304.82 for the year.

WAIT! There's more below...

If you bring in your own mug/tumbler, you get an extra $0.10 off your purchase. Therefore, you will only spend $278.82 in the entire year, which comes to $1.07 per coffee.

You're only saving, in this case, $0.67 per coffee. But, if you look at that over an entire year, you're saving $173.58 (which is the equivalent to 162 coffees!!)

I think I've just blown my own mind.

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