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Monday, February 27, 2012

My Nightmares

When given a series of moments (such as driving in silence for 20 minutes), I am awakened to my thought processes and I am awakened to the way that I can use the power I have over my thoughts to manipulate my reality.

This morning when I woke up, I thought back to the dream from which I had just awoken. For approximately one year, I have been experiencing nightmares almost nightly. Recently I have been enjoying my dreaming experience again- dreaming pleasantries. I relate this difference to the way that I fall asleep. 

Before, I resisted sleeping; I felt guilty to not be awake and doing things.  Now, I get excited to go to sleep. I get cozy, and my thoughts have shifted around the idea of staying awake to get more done in the day.

It’s true for me that the things I think about during the daytime also appear in my sleeping hours. When I was having nightmares, the things appearing were more subconscious thoughts that were dream-manifesting. But now that my dreams are pleasant, they are beautifully conscious manifestations.

Here is an example: Yesterday I was thoughtful and thankful, remembering the time that I had sent my mother a parcel filled with new clothes. She was so very happy to have received that gift. Later last night was when I fell asleep. My dream included my mother and I out together, happily shopping for clothing (something we have very rarely done together, but would both love to do).

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