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Saturday, February 25, 2012

What is THE Truth?

The idea of “truth” is what I find to be excruciating at times. Excruciating because no matter how much a person proves a point to be truth, the reality is that truth is a perception.

If millions of people believe that something is truth, and it starts to be taught in public institutions, and I start paying to learn about their truth, and I don’t believe that their truth is accurate, and I express my opinion on an exam, then I will do poorly in class.

If I choose “false” instead of “true” on a multiple choice, and the answer is indeed “true,” even if there are a hundred reasons to back up my position for "false", my paper will be graded poorly.

I decided not to take art class after grade 10, even though I spent nearly all of my free time drawing and painting. I could not get past the grade of “B” I had received on an art project that I had worked on and submitted proudly. How can a grade 10 art project be graded as a “B” instead of a “C” or instead of an “A?” It’s not as though I didn’t follow the rules. It’s not as though I slacked off. The grade is what I deserved, according to the truths of my art teacher (or at least to the people who paid him to grade in a prescribed manner). 

Is it THE truth that my project deserved the grade he gave me? Is it THE truth that I deserved a better grade than I received? Is it THE truth that artwork can not honestly be graded by anyone because it's all subjective anyhow?

Truth: what I've come to so far is that truth is whatever it is perceived to be by the person who is perceiving it.

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