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Monday, July 16, 2012

Balancing My Orbit


I made the title of my blog "Worthwhile Enough to Share" for a couple of reasons, one being that it's a way for people to know that when they arrive at my blog they're only going to be reading stuff that's important to someone, not trashy babble. Another being that it's a way for me to 'check myself.' If I'm tempted to write solely for the purpose of publishing a blog post, I won't do it. I have to have a reason to post, and I think that if I have a reason for writing then I will somehow be adding value to the world.

On the ferry from Salt Spring Island, BC to Victoria, this weekend :)
Today, my reason for writing is that I'm trying to level out all the things that are going on in my orbit so that I can be more calm and efficient. My husband, son, and I are moving at the end of the month which I LOVE. I like getting rid of things. I never used to like ridding. My mother used to call me a "pack-rat" because I had such a hard time parting with things that had memories attached to them (maybe because I lacked the skill of remembering?). But now, I prefer having less stuff.

In addition to moving, I'm attending school this summer. It's a good way to get ahead a bit, by taking classes all year 'round. With moving though, and parenting, school feels more like a burden than an opportunity. Perhaps I need to shift my perception on that one- I think so.

I am spending a lot of time researching a business opportunity as well; that's the thing that's exciting me the most right now. I totally enjoy building a business.

Back to my reason for writing this post. I'm feeling good, although when all the pieces come together, my brain gets a bit jumbled. By writing, I can understand why my eyeballs are rolling around in my head a bit.

It's funny how things tend to manifest all at the same time. I see it like this: I am a baker and forming each of my cookies, laying each down on the cookie sheet, picking them all back off the sheet because I realize I didn't put down the parchment paper, then laying them all back down again and preheating the oven just at the right time so that when I put the cookies in, they won't get burned.

Ideally, life happens smoothly and the cookies don't burn. I like what 'ideally' looks like :)

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