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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Breakfast with a Drug Rep

This morning I brought my son and I out for a date to White Spot, a chain restaurant here in Victoria, B.C., Canada (good food) which sits across the street from the Royal Jubilee HospitalI didn't expect that we'd be eating our breakfast beside two men, one teaching the other all about how to successfully sell the drug "Mealtime Insulin" to doctors. 

I got my paper and pen out a few times during their conversation because I knew I would be writing this post. Given the type of conversation the two men were having, I expected they would be speaking in a more confidential manner but that was not the case. I heard the one man say "stupid doctors" on more than one occasion, referring to which type of doctor makes the worst business prospect.

So, I'd like to get something straight. I'm not interested in overhearing general conversations and then blogging about them. I think it's rude, normally. Although, in this instance, the men were speaking SO loudly that my anticipated peaceful breakfast with my son was continually interrupted...Therefor, I am making an exception for myself this time to express what I feel needs to be expressed.

I'm not anti-drug. Drugs can save lives, but it's equally true that prescription drugs can ruin lives as well. Normal and well-meaning people (even people I know) have prescription drug addictions and the side-effects take a toll on otherwise healing bodies. Again, I am not anti-drug, but I know there are better ways to heal bodies.

Back to My Breakfast with a Drug Rep...

I was mostly astounded that the man who was training the other man was speaking as loudly as he was, spilling his selling secrets with every rambling. He wanted to be sure that his trainee knew which doctors to target with the drug and which doctors were "a waste of time." He also said very clearly that doctors who don't understand Mealtime Insulin are not worth having a conversation with. It's the doctors who are progressive who are "gold," is what he said. Apparently even one 'deal' with a doctor is good money. Who would have known?!

What I don't like is the way the system is set up. According to one company's website, Mealtime Insulin is covered by Medicare. If it's covered by medicare, and medicare is paid for by citizens, then you and me are paying for this drug rep to go for breakfast at White Spot and for him to pick and choose which doctors he decides to sell to, and which people get to benefit or suffer?

If this Mealtime insulin is better than other insulin, then why does there even need to be a drug rep selling to doctors? Why aren't the doctors just "in the know" already, through a really good communication platform...Like, ummm...email?

I'm not looking to start a petition. I'm just thinking that if drug companies, doctors, and Medicare truly wished for the health of mankind then they would probably work together in an effective manner that didn't waste mankind's money by making decisions that only help their own bottom line.

Curious to know what you think!

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