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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Where Are All the Children?

Where do you think we are leading our children? We have 'made' these small creatures, and now they are here in the world...But really, where are children welcome? Of course they are welcome at community rec centers, at play groups, and at specific public areas like beaches and malls.

As a society, we don't bring our children to business meetings, to adult social gatherings, and to be witnesses to important conversations. Children are expected to not understand or to not be capable of learning certain things, based on their young ages. They're expected to misbehave and embarrass their parents, the whole room, and our society.

Although, I don't know that these are accurate judgments for adults to make. I think that adults have created a belief that children are 'unable,' and that belief doesn't usually hold true, nor is this belief about children actually benefiting the planet, our population, or future generations.

Sure, a young child doesn't need to watch the news. Do any of us need advertising of this variety? Although it is true, I believe, that an awareness of poverty in other countries will help children to have understanding and a broader perspective. A conversation is what a child needs; a conversation about what the world looks like now and about what the world could look like with time, a new direction, and at least one person who has vision. Currently children are left to learn from their peers, in school yards, and from their teachers who spend more of their time talking than listening.

I remember being young and having insights of the world being a better place. I had visions but a lack of community structure to implement those visions. A child has dreams and adults lack awareness of a better way. A child has hope and adults have lost hope.

Children need to be reintroduced into our society in a way that they feel welcomed and that their insights are valuable. They need to be the ones who feel confident in bringing their ideas to the table, to be heard, and to change the future. I don't think this is what we, as a society, are providing for children. Do you? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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At one time in my life, I was a 2-year old

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  1. Very good post Nadine! I totally agree with you that a conversation is what a child needs. I always find it a pity to see a child spending hours playing video games in a room full of adult family members who would have so much to share with them.


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