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Sunday, July 1, 2012

What Am I Consuming?

This week, in Parksville, British Columbia, Canada
I was in the shower last night, and I had an epiphany. I looked around at the things in my bathtub, and I have the regular stuff; shampoo, conditioner, bar soap, and face cleanser. I don't think I'm a minimalist, but I have a desire to be minimalistic. That was not my epiphany.

I envisioned a life for myself and my family where we didn't buy the things we are expected to buy in society. I am not saying that I plan to stop washing my body or combing my hair. But, I'm tired of consuming products that are doing me more harm than good. 

I don't like that the pharmacy should be a place of health and yet it's filled with Obesity Snacks and cancerous chemicals. I don't like that fluoride in drinking water is harming our pituitary glands. It's not reasonable for humans to wash their faces with chemicals AND pay for it with the money they're spending long hours to earn, and then spending the remaining of their time on earth either sick or dying.

I don't want to be a part of the system that feeds unhealthiness. Although, it's hard: I live in a city, and I don't want to hippie-it-up, plus I have some habits that are not healthy- eg. I use chemical compounds to 'wash' my body.

I don't want to be someone who only shops in health food stores and condemns ice cream because it comes from cows who are injected with hormones and treated inhumanely. But it's also the truth that ice cream should be made of cream and not synthetic materials, and animals should be treated respectfully.

I can make my own shampoo: The recipe I found is Here. And I think I might just start doing that. Here's a bit on Castile Soap from the David Suzuki Foundation: Castile Soap 

I want to be healthier, and I also want to stop buying products from far away, where I don't know what's being put in them, and then they're being shipped in huge trucks that I don't like driving behind on the road. What are we supporting with our purchasing habits? Are we helping ourselves by supporting Procter & Gamble?

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