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Monday, June 4, 2012

Affirming Financial Well-Being

If you've come to my blog before, you've probably noticed that I do my best to boost my feelings as often as possible. Not only because I like to feel good, but also because I know how important good feelings are to my success in all areas of life.

I've decided to write my feel-goodness directly onto the internet, and make my personal practices things that other people can make use of. If you find these posts helpful, I'd love to hear about it: please feel free comment with what you'd like to see on this blog.

You're financially abundant whether you are aware of it or not.

Maybe you know you are, and that's why you're reading- you're reading to affirm what you're already conscious of. That's excellent. Maybe you are someone else, and you believe in your heart that where you are right now is not in a place of abundance, and that you're really lacking in most areas of your life; including monetary abundance. That's excellent too. It means you should be more open to practicing the feelings of abundance.

Let's get honest here: I'm not a millionaire (yet). Let's get even more honest: You're probably not a millionaire either. Maybe you don't want to be. Being a millionaire is not an unworthy goal though. There's a lot that you can do with millions of dollars, not simply for your own well-being, but potentially (and hopefully) for the well-being of everyone around you.

It's okay to be a millionaire. Being okay with the idea of being a millionaire is just the start, and it's worth me writing another post dedicated to the art of being honestly okay with being a millionaire.

For now, I will write some positive money affirmations. Read along, print, or roll your eyes, whichever suits you best ;)

I am beginning to notice the abundance around me.
It's becoming easy for me to admire the financial freedom of others.
Millionaires are good people.
A million dollars is really not a lot of money.
I could do even better than a million dollars.
I am worth unlimited amounts of money.
I am worthy of money, and money is worthy of me.
It's possible for me to be a billionaire.
I make choices that bring me closer and closer to having financial freedom.
I often think of the things that I can do with millions of dollars.
I already have abundance, and I'm starting to see it in my life.
I am already rich. Money is easy to make and to maintain.
All aspects of my life are going smoothly, and money is one of them.
I am financially well-off.
I feel good about where I am at financially.
I know that I am moving, choice by choice, closer to millionairism.
I respect my choice to be a millionaire.
I can help a lot of people now.
I can choose what I do with my millions now.
Thinking about my finances brings me joy.
I find pleasure in paying my bills because it shows me that I have received a worthwhile service for my money.
I always have money for what I need in my life.
I always have money for what I want in my life.
I am taken care of financially.
I am free of financial obligation: I spend my money freely.
I support all causes close to my heart.
I give money with joy.
I spend money on myself and I feel great about it.
I put money into investments that support other people in their endeavors.
My money keeps coming in.
The flow of money in my life is rapid.
I have too much money for my wallet.
I'm happy with my income flow. It's contributing to my life's overall health.
My financial well-being is satisfied.

Again, reading this post daily or printing it and posting it on your walls, will help you think and feel better about money. Before having money, it's important to be comfortable with the thoughts of earning it, using it, spending it, investing it, enjoying it, and giving it. More to come on this eventually. For now, this is a good start, I think :)

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