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Monday, June 11, 2012

Changing My Day Around after Waking Up Grumpy

Hello readers,

It's not always easy to naturally feel good. Things get in the way. Though it is easy to change your day around for the better. I will admit that I have been "awake" for nearly 4 hours, and right now is the first time today that I have decided I will make the decision to feel better.

I woke up grumpy. I didn't go to sleep at an early enough hour, and my son had recently started to wake up with the sun. Those are my excuses, and now here is what I'll do with them: I will throw them in the garbage can because they are not useful to me. I will call it 'mind garbage.'

The thing about mind garbage is that it flies right on out of the garbage can throughout the day, and you need to throw it away again...And probably again after that. Perhaps a better term to use would be 'mind recycling.'

Anyhow, I will begin improving my day by agreeing with myself that changing my day would be useful. I have a big day ahead, with responsibilities coming from most directions, and I would benefit tenfold if I had a good attitude about it all. Way to go, Nadine. You can do it!...Self-encouragement is vital in a moment such as this.


I just took an email-hiatus and wish I wouldn't have...Oh, how easily distracted I have become with technology at my fingertips. Okay! Back to consciously feeling better now than when I woke up. Maybe getting off the computer would help. Yes, I will focus on school work first, and then come back to tell you if anything improved simply from not being on the computer.

See you soon!

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