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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Failures are Mini-Successes

Good Day!

I want to write every day, twice a day, and more often that that. I keep getting stuck, thinking "yea, but what if people start reading and then they rapidly stop reading because what I am writing is only vaguely interesting...Then what?"

Are you ever afraid to do something, even though you know it's the best thing you could possibly do for yourself, or is it just me?

Do you stop just short of completing a task that will allow you to eventually reach your goal, while you give yourself an excuse so that you don't need to face your self-doubt straight in it's face? I do. I know what it's like, and now I know that I do it (half the battle, apparently, is being aware of the fact).

Then what? This is the one of the best questions we can ask ourselves in times of self-doubt. Basically, 'then what' is asking, "what's the worst that could happen if you give it your all?" Maybe you'll fail and your ego will be burned for a short period of time? So what if you fail? You learn something.

"I've failed over, and over, and over again in my life and that is why I succeed." - Michael Jordan

My husband and I focus on teaching our son that it's his mistakes (failures) which are helping him to learn the lessons he needs in order to not make the same mistakes again (basically, to succeed). He is 5, so he understands. Somehow, we are much older than 5 and we don't quite understand.

We think we need to be successful already in order to succeed. Although, that's really not at all the truth. We need a desire to succeed and a drive to never give up: To move through all of our failures...To success. When we realize that, our failures become mini-successes in themselves.
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