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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Other Versions of You

This morning I was driving along the highway (doing the 80k speed limit, of course), and I had to do a double-take and look to my right a second time, and then a third. I saw a lady hammering some sort of a 'For Sale' sign into the grass on the side of the road. No big deal, except that the lady looked identical to a friend of mine.

Now, anyone who knows me will know that I come up with theories about many things, all of the time. I find my theories to be insightful, although most of the time people laugh at them. I suppose my ideas can be rather humorous to people because people don't seem to come up with their own far-fetched theories. I don't know why...Maybe they just aren't sharing their theories and they in fact constantly have unique, yet superfluous, ideas.

Anyway...The thought I thought instantaneously was this: "what if this lady is another version of my friend." I don't mean that she is a twin, or a long-lost sister, or a literal 'double.' What I mean is this: what if we leave versions of ourselves behind as we progress to different places in our personal spiritual evolution, and we never meet these other versions of ourselves because we're no longer on the same wavelength as those versions who we left behind.

I don't think that we are the same people as we were 10 years ago. Maybe I'm thinking this way because my 10-year school reunion is happening this year. We've all gone through experiences, and we're going to be coming together with different bodies and different thought patterns than we had when we left school.
I don't know if this paragraph can be argued.

If you are like most of my friends, you would argue that my theory of leaving versions of ourselves behind has no validity. You would question it, which is fair, and then you would conclude that you'd never entertain the thought again.

I love my friends, and I am not putting them down. I appreciate that not everyone has brilliant ideas ;) lol. Okay, it's okay for me to make fun of myself too :)

If we grow mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, wouldn't it only make sense that the old versions of ourselves would end up some place in the universe just like the selves we are right now are right here?

Haha. I just talked to my husband about this theory, and he said what I was talking about was called Multiverse. It's actually a thing!!

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Me, on my birthday: Downtown, Victoria, BC, Canada :)

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