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Friday, June 8, 2012

My First Poem of 2012

Hello again,

I do hope you are doing well, and if you're not then I hope that in reading this blog post, you will find some remedy for your ache.

I was about to write about how Pharmacies contradict themselves by selling vitamins and nutritional supplements, and on the same pages of their weekly flyers they advertise specials ranging from Smarties to  Pringles. I mean, why is Health Canada promoting the Food Guide, supplying physicians, and then sending people to the end of the pop & chip aisle to have their prescriptions filled? The setup has got to have something to do with dollar dollar bills (y'all), but I'm no conspiracy theorist, so I won't bother to go there.

Here's a picture of Canada's Food Guide, and the rest of tonight's post (not at all related) is below that.

Now here's my test: to go from contemplating Canadian pharmaceutical practices to blogging about well-being. I take this test seriously. I think I'll write a poem, something about time and space or the invisibility of delight. Alright, time to start!

I will just name it: My First Poem of 2012

Forgive me if it starts out rough,
Writing is kinda meant to be that way.
That's what I suppose anyway,
I'm not a writer by day.

I discover my syllabus after about 9pm,
11pm is that much better.
It`s when the sun goes down,
That inspires my first and foremost letter.

And now on 3rd verse,
Without a particular structure.
How can I be expected to write very well,
When I received a `B`in English twelve.

Damn English 12.

On to lighter, brighter things,
Ideas that dance throughout the Spring.
And settle on the grounds of fall,
To disappear amongst the tall...

Trees that barely, hardly sway,
Their branches bent and worn.
They have worked so hard to bring us shade,
And now they fall asleep and fade...

Away, they seem to want to go,
Only their roots feel the pleasure of being buried.
Standing tall and sitting still,
Their trunks foot the winter bill.

Discover splendid, countless things,
That arise within the season.
Close your eyes to everything,
that does not give you reason...

Purpose to live below the branches,
and walk below the leaves.
Justice to sit or slouch,
To walk vividly, or even to parade.

© Nadine Staaf 2012

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