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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Morning Success Affirmations

Good Morning,

I think it's a good time to feel positive about life, so here it goes, and it's dedicated to Your WellBeing:

Sometimes my day doesn't start out well, but I always know I can change it.
I realize quite quickly that I'm the person who has the power to change my own reality.
It's getting easier for me to feel good about changing my perspective.
I feel better and better about life.

My day is becoming just the way I want it to be.
I am starting to enjoy the process of waking up and starting my day.
I never used to, but I like to smile first thing in the morning.
I feel grateful to have another day to live my life.

I am inspired to live a good day today.

May your day be everything you want it to be!

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