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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Today's Success Affirmations

If we can get into the habit of creating and reading daily success affirmations, it will be easier for us to naturally remember to be successful in our minds and our bodies. Here are today's Success Affirmations, brought to you through my love and abundant wishes for you and the people who are affected by you.

I am contagiously well
I tend to succeed at everything I do
I trust that everything I am doing is for the right reasons and that all is well in my world
I am helping people be and do better for themselves, and for the people who surround them
I am contributing to a better world
I have a purpose which coincides with my goals and my dreams
I know who I am
I am beginning to love who I am
I am becoming the me I want to be
I am the person who has the power over my thoughts and actions
I am true to my wishes and dreams
I am successful at determining what I need in order to be healthy
I give myself all that I need and I overflow my generosity to others
I am abundant in everything I need and want
My desires are valid
I respect my decisions
I easily accept the good in life 
I am grateful for everything that is provided to me
I relax happily into my relationships
I am peaceful
I am comfortable
My work is fun, and it feels like fun
I am responsible and I feel good about my responsibilities
My responsibilities bring me joy
I am uplifted by life
I am strong
My relationships are healthy
Money piles up in my bank account and I disburse it in ways that make me feel happy
I enjoy receiving good things
I enjoy earning a large income
I feel adored by life
I feel I am living magically
Good things always happen to me and to the people I love
I am capable in all areas of my life
Socially, I attract good people
I attract good things even when I am sleeping
I always do my best, and my best is better than what is needed
I go above and beyond
I succeed
I am successful

You are successful

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