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Friday, June 1, 2012

Unearthly Big Strawberries

I was cutting up hippo-sized strawberries for dinner tonight (we ate German Pancakes), and I got to thinking about the way we seem to quite easily trust that the foods we're eating are in fact what the label says they are. I mean, what makes a strawberry that BIG?

I don't always buy organic. Actually, I rarely buy organic. I guess I haven't been sold on the idea that organic is all that much better than non-organic. Heck, I'm not a scientist. I would be naive to trust the people who talk about organic being better, just as I would be naive to eat unearthly-sized strawberries without questioning what I am doing.

I'm not questioning whether big strawberries are healthy or not. What I am questioning is why we will eat strawberries that are so very clearly not supposed to go into our bodies, and then be thrilled that they were on sale! Yay bohemoth strawberry sale!

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