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Thursday, June 14, 2012

I'm not Made of Fluff & Rainbows

It's funny when people get to 'know' me a little more than the average stranger. They often mistake me for someone who is made up of fluff and rainbows. The other day, a neighbor said to me that he could never imagine me yelling or being mad.

It made me SO ANGRY!! Grrrr...No, not really.

People who don't know me well somehow come to the conclusion that I do not experience normal human emotions, like anger. I think it's because I smile at them. Seriously- I think that's all it is. People are good at jumping to conclusions about other people. And as we all know, most often those conclusions are awfully wrong.

Growing up, I cried a ton of tears. I was "sensitive" as my mother often called me. She was right, I was very sensitive. Looking back, I don't think that I really had any good reason to be so sensitive. I lived well and I had a family that cared for me.

Mind you, if I wasn't sensitive there would be more reason for worry: It's known that a child who undergoes a lot of stress won't have the same brain activity, specifically Cortisol levels, as a child who experiences less stress. It makes sense. Here's an article in Stanford University News that explains it well. Severe Stress Hurts Children's Brains..

I won't be mad at you if you think I'm made of rainbows, but FLUFF on the other hand, please don't get me started!!

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