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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Feeling Better about Your Now

It will probably only take you a few minutes, (hopefully by the time you're done reading this post), to feel better than you're feeling right now. I'm hoping that you're feeling FANTASTIC already, but if you're not, then you have nothing to fear because Feel Good Affirmations are here to help :)

Already, I'm feeling a little bit better than I was feeling only 30 seconds ago.
I must be feeling better.
I do feel a tad more loving.
I feel slightly more vibrant.
I feel kind of good inside myself.
When I think of things that make me feel good, I see more of those things in my life.
I take care of my needs, knowing that I am worth taking care of.
I expect the best in my life.
I see the good in the world.
Most of the time, I feel good.
I am pleased with the way my life is going.
When shi* happens, I find a way to feel positive that things are beginning to look up again.
I am most joyful.
I am appreciated by the people in my life.
I am seeing more and more that I appreciate all that I do in my life.
I am energized by the things I am doing.
I am energized by the people in my life.
I am inspired.
I am filled with positive energy that is increasing bit by bit, everyday.
The first thing I do in the morning is imagine how happy I will feel when I open my eyes.
I feel better right now than I did not that long ago.
I feel better.

Feeling better, I know, is not a quick fix to the more serious problems of life. But doing these little exercises every single day, more often than once, helps to build-up the positive energy within our minds and our bodies, allowing the feeling-good vibe to work for us a bit more easily every time.

Here is a toast (not a piece of bread), from me to you, that your feelings increase in wellness, and your body and mind interact happily with these new feelings. Here is a toast to YOU (okay, this one can be a piece of bread).

heart sandwich, a heart cut out of the middle of a sandwich

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