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Monday, June 4, 2012

Successful Health Can Be Easier than we Think

It's proven how powerful our minds are in our lives. We get to choose how our minds work, but most often people forget that. Reminding ourselves is helpful, and health is worth the reminder. Here's a reminder of your capabilities: a really easy way to remember your health is a priority.

Print it out, put it on every wall in your house. Read it 5 times every day, and know that you're doing yourself a favor. Tape another paper (a blank one) to your kitchen counter, and write a quick note on it when you make a healthy choice. Eg. I chose to have water this morning. I chose to go for a 15 minute walk this afternoon. It's the small things that make the changes in our health. Just do the small things and they will add to make the bigger picture: a healthier you.

The reason I know you can be healthy is because every person, in most parts of the world, can choose a cup of water over a can of pop. I know you can be healthy because you can choose to move around for 15 minutes instead of choosing to sit for that same 15 minutes. I know you can do it, and I probably don't even know you. You're a human being, so I know you can do it.

My body is starting to feel much better than it was before now.
My organs are working the way they naturally should work.
My cells are happy.
My bones are strong.
My muscles are gaining perfect mass and strength.
My skin is clear and vital- I glow.
My eyes are bright and I see clearly.
My hair is healthy and fresh-feeling.
My nails are strong and well taken care of.
My nerves are calm.
My blood is good, healthy, strong blood.

I make healthy choices whenever there are healthy choices available.
I am healthy on purpose.
I am the one who gets to choose my health, and it's empowering.
I look into how I can be healthier.
I do my best with every choice I make.
I am kind to myself.
I respect my body.
I deserve health.
I feel good about changing my health habits for the better.

My body is feeling more and more healthy with every choice I make.
My body is stronger than it used to be.
My health is beginning to inspire other people to be healthy.

It is not taking me long to change my health habits for the better.
It's becoming easy for me to care for my body.

I deserve health and I am realizing that every day.

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