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Thursday, June 21, 2012

What Do You Know?

I have read that when blogging, one should blog about what one knows. What does anyone really know though? We know, based on experience. Although, every person's experience is different (even when they are witnessing the same event).

So, we all know what we know, but what we know is not necessarily the truth because we won't all agree on the same thing to be true, even the same situation.

Yes, of course I am questioning what I know. I am just now trying to understand the term "share your truth."

Somehow I thought self-discovery was supposed to be done when I became an 'adult.' How did I ever imagine that I would have known, by now, all that I need to know about the way life works and about myself?

I'll blame it (in the most loving way) on my dear mother, Vivianne LaFrance, who seems to understand existence like no other person I know. She is a jewel in my life because she Share's Her Truth, and she is confident in what she knows to be her truth. Through her truth, she helps people.

I want to get to the point where my truth is so strong that I can purposefully share it with the people around me; for what I believe to be solid, yet fluid, and be comfortable with it's solid fluidity.

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